American Metabolix Premium Whey Protein

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100% Whey

No Amino Spiking

Whether you need a post workout shake, night time shake, or meal replacement shake our Premium Protein is a blended whey protein Concentrate and a perfect fit

The time released effect of the Whey combination allows your body time to retain all the protein. Premium Whey is the perfect compliment to meals, for example, a quick breakfast or lunch, and especially for that mid-day snack that keeps your energy at optimum levels. Premium Whey has you covered for every aspect of your day.

We offer delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavors that are easily mixed with fruit, peanut butter or whatever you want. Rather selling a “flavor of the week” that you’re tired of in a couple of days we think its easier to provide you with great recipes to achieve any taste you want.  Look at our recipe section for the ultimate protein recipes.


Fueled with 100% Lean Protein Complex

  • 23 Grams per serving
  • Mixes Easily – No Clumping
  • 250mg of Hydrating Coconut Water Extract
  • Low Calorie Formula
  • No Added Fat



Check out the Certified No Amino Spiking Lab Test!

Premium Whey Lab Test