"Don't tread on me" Texas Flag

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The "Don't tread on me" Texas Flag Edition, is inspired by Colonel Christopher Gadsden, the man we know as the original designer of today’s Don’t Tread on Me flag, who was an American patriot.  

A bold announcement of both American pride and underlying symbolism, the first Gadsden flag came out of observations that Benjamin Franklin had made about rattlesnakes. He praised their constant vigilance and the animal’s innate instinct not to attack unless provoked.  

Today’s traditional American values of independence and bravery originated in the desires colonial Americans had to govern and defend themselves.

As it was initially intended, the meaning of the Don’t Tread on Me flag is full of both American bravado and pride.  Our Texas Edition "Don't tread on me" Art piece is a sure fire way to get the point across in a beautiful display, standing at 17" tall and 18" wide, it will make a perfect addition to your home, office or garage decor.  Each Piece is triple Acrylic Polyurethane sealed to preserve the color and wood integrity for many years of enjoyment.

References from: Jason Wilson / Lead Editor at GunBaker